ATSAM4LC4BA-MU 256kB Flash 48MHz QFN64

ATSAM4LC4BA-MU 256kB Flash 48MHz QFN64

ATSAM4LC4BA-MU 256kB Flash 48MHz QFN64


Atmel's SAM4L series is a member of a family of Flash microcontrollers based
on the high performance 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 RISC processor running at frequencies
up to 48MHz.
The SAM4L series embeds state-of-the-art picoPower technology for ultra-low
power consumption. Combined power control techniques are used to bring
active current consumption down to 90µA/MHz. The device allows a wide range
of options between functionality and power consumption, giving the user the
ability to reach the lowest possible power consumption with the feature set
required for the application. The WAIT and RETENTION modes provide full logic
and RAM retention, associated with fast wake-up capability (<1.5µs) and a very
low consumption of, respectively, 3 µA and 1.5 µA. In addition, WAIT mode supports
SleepWalking features. In BACKUP mode, CPU, peripherals and RAM are
powered off and, while consuming less than 0.9µA with external interrupt wakeup
The SAM4L series offers a wide range of peripherals such as segment LCD controller,
embedded hardware capacitive touch (QTouch), USB device & embedded
host, 128-bit AES and audio interfaces in addition to high speed serial peripherals
such as USART, SPI and I2C. Additionally the Peripheral Event System and
SleepWalking allows the peripherals to communicate directly with each other
and make intelligent decisions and decide to wake-up the system on a qualified
events on a peripheral level; such as I2
C address match or and ADC threshold.

Atmel microcontrollere købes med fordel hos Cypax - stor udvalg og kort levringstid.

MC 32bit 1,68V 256kB Flash 48MHz QFN64
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