ATSAM3U1EB-AU 32bit 1,62V 64kB Flash

ATSAM3U1EB-AU 32bit 1,62V 64kB Flash

ATSAM3U1EB-AU 32bit 1,62V 64kB Flash


The Atmel® | SMART SAM3U series is a member of a family of Flash
microcontrollers based on the high performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 RISC
processor. It operates at a maximum speed of 96 MHz and features up to 256
Kbytes of Flash and up to 52 Kbytes of SRAM. The peripheral set includes a High
Speed USB Device Port with embedded transceiver, a High Speed MCI for
SDIO/SD/MMC, an External Bus Interface with NAND Flash controller, up to 4
USARTs, up to 2 TWIs, up to 5 SPIs, as well as 4 PWM timers, one 3-channel 16-
bit general-purpose timer, a low-power RTC, a 12-bit ADC and a 10-bit ADC.
The SAM3U devices have three software-selectable low-power modes: Sleep,
Wait, and Backup. In Sleep mode, the processor is stopped while all other
functions can be kept running. In Wait mode, all clocks and functions are stopped
but some peripherals can be configured to wake up the system based on
predefined conditions. In Backup mode, only the RTC, RTT, and wake-up logic
are running.
The Real-time Event Managment allows peripherals to receive, react to and send
events in Active and Sleep modes without processor intervention.
The SAM3U architecture is specifically designed to sustain high speed data
transfers. It includes a multi-layer bus matrix as well as multiple SRAM banks,
PDC and DMA channels that enable it to run tasks in parallel and maximize data
It can operate from 1.62V to 3.6V and comes in 100-pin and 144-pin LQFP and
BGA packages.
The SAM3U device is particularly well suited for USB applications: data loggers,
PC peripherals and any high speed bridge (USB to SDIO, USB to SPI, USB to
External Bus Interface).

Atmel microcontrollere købes med fordel hos Cypax - stor udvalg og kort levringstid.

MC 32bit 1,62V 64kB Flash 96MHz LQFP100
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