SMT3000 Pick and place Light Plus Camera

SMT3000 Pick and place Light Plus Camera

SMT3000 Pick and place Light Plus Camera
Bungard SMT 3000 Basic Pick and Place system
Manipulator for the production of prototypes and small series. The patent-registered Pick & Place head enables the comfortable handling of SMD-components. The modular-built system can be configurated for every use. It realizes the complete process - starting by dispensing of solder paste or glue up to assembling different components.

The unrivalled smooth-running guide of the mounting head helps to place the SMDs accurately. When the pipette comes into contact with the components, the vacuum automatically switches itself on and when placing them, it switches off. The adjustable vacuum reactivation alleviates and accelerates the extraction of components, especially from bulk goods containers and when mounting Melfs.

Integrated dispenser unit
The manipulator is equipped with the simple time-pressure dispenser system. The system automatically switches on the dispensing process as soon as the slightly slanted dispenser needle comes into contact with the PCB. The vertical syringe ensures that the dispenser needle does not slip sideways when touching the PCB. There are three different times for dispensing available for dispensing on different sizes of pads, which can be selected directly in the dispenser menu. The individual times can be preset as required. In addition to solder paste and glue other fluids can be dispensed.

X/Y-locking device
The X/Y locking device ensures precision mounting. Individual movement axes can be locked. An automatic function independently locks the X and Y axes when the components are lowered or when placing a dispenser dot. This makes it particularly easy to place Melfs.

Component feeder
The system enables the feeding of components in tapes as well as loose components.

The antistatic manual carousel with 45 shelves feeds loose components in a comfortable way.

Tape feeders supply you with large amounts of standard components. While removing the cover-tape, the tape is automatically feeded and the components, that should be placed next, are revealed.

Labor-tape feeder
This feeder type can handle a single strip of a component tape. Each part can be picked up directly from the tape, it isn t necessary to decante them into bulk containers first.

Bulk container
The patented bulk containers provide resistors, capacitors and ICs out of small containers to the machine.

Bungard SMT 3000 Basic Pick & Place system

The Bungard SMT3000 is a complete Pick and Place system.
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