Trimming Potentiometers in 6mm, 10mm, 14mm.
SMD Trimming Potentiometers in 6mm.
Carbon and Cermet.

PCB Mounting Terminal Blocks and
Panel Mount Terminal Blocks.

Din 41612 Eurocard Connectors, IEC 603-2
2.0mm Hard Metric Connectors,
IEC 61076-1-101 & IEC 917

Low cost Cutters and Pliers for
industrial electronics.

Professional machines for PCB Prototyping.
Variety of consumables PCB boards, aluminium for
front panels, labels and pad printing clichees.

Dip Switches: Slide, Right angle & Piano,
Half pitche, Tri-state & Single in-line.
Tact Switch: Dip/SMD, 6x6, 12x12mm.

Piezo Buzzer, Magnetic Buzzer, Dynamic Transducer,
Magnetic Transducer and Piezo Transducer.

Laboratories/Bench power supplies.
Variable safety transformers.
Test equipment.

Cleaning, lubricants and protection products
for Service and Industri.

Relæ'er til tele-kommunikation, auto-branchen,
industri'en, hjemme applikationer
og meget andet.

SMD, Dip, Glass Passivated Rectifiers,
Zener Diodes, Fast Switching Diodes Bridge Rectifiers.

High quality Soldering/Desoldering stations.
Hot Air Rework equiment.

Trimming potentiometers, dipped tantalum capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors and
diode & bridge rectifier.

LED indicator lamps, infrared LEDs,
SMD LEDs. Single/dual/multi digit displays.

High quality Portable gas Soldering equipment,
for service, maintenance & repair.

19" Sub-rack system & enclosures.
Metal instrument cases and
Plastic instrument cases.

Miniature Toggel, Rocker, Paddle,
Pushbutton and Slide Swhitches.

D-sub, Headers/Sockets, Jacks, Phone
and DC Power Connectors.

Probes for Oscilloscopes, Passive Modular,
High Frequency and High Voltage Probes.

Quartz crystal HC-49/U, 49/S, SMD
Clock oscillators half and full size Saw filters.

Rotary Potentiometers
17mm plastic (ECO) - 16mm metal case (P16)
 20mm metal case (P20)