ATSAMD21E18A-MU 256kB Flash 48MHz QFN332

ATSAMD21E18A-MU 256kB Flash 48MHz QFN332

ATSAMD21E18A-MU 256kB Flash 48MHz QFN332


The Atmel SAM D21 devices provide the following features: In-system programmable Flash,
twelve-channel direct memory access (DMA) controller, 12 channel Event System,
programmable interrupt controller, up to 52 programmable I/O pins, 32-bit real-time clock and
calendar, up to five 16-bit Timer/Counters (TC) and three 24-bit Timer/Counters for Control
(TCC), where each TC can be configured to perform frequency and waveform generation,
accurate program execution timing or input capture with time and frequency measurement of
digital signals. The TCs can operate in 8- or 16-bit mode, selected TCs can be cascaded to form
a 32-bit TC, and three timer/counters have extended functions optimized for motor, lighting and
other control applications. The series provide one full-speed USB 2.0 embedded host and device
interface; up to six Serial Communication Modules (SERCOM) that each can be configured to act
as an USART, UART, SPI, I2C up to 3.4MHz, SMBus, PMBus, and LIN slave; two-channel I2S
interface; up to twenty-channel 350ksps 12-bit ADC with programmable gain and optional
oversampling and decimation supporting up to 16-bit resolution, one 10-bit 350ksps DAC, two
analog comparators with window mode, Peripheral Touch Controller supporting up to 256
buttons, sliders, wheels and proximity sensing; programmable Watchdog Timer, brown-out
detector and power-on reset and two-pin Serial Wire Debug (SWD) program and debug interface.

Atmel microcontrollere købes med fordel hos Cypax - stor udvalg og kort levringstid.

MC 32bit 1,62V 256kB Flash 48MHz QFN32
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