ATSAM3S8BA-AU 32bit 1,62V 512kB Flash

ATSAM3S8BA-AU 32bit 1,62V 512kB Flash


Atmel SAM3S Series
Cortex-M3 Flash Microcontroller Delivers
High Integration and Low Power
ARM® Cortex -M3 technology
Pin-to-pin compatible with best-selling Atmel® SAM7S series
Highly-integrated peripheral set, including full-speed USB device
Native Atmel QTouch® capacitive touch support
Low power consumption
Simplified PCB design and low system cost
Parallel input/output (I/O) signal capture
Safety features
Key Features
1.62V to 3.6V supply
Cortex-M3 rev 2.0 processor running at up to 64MHz
Memory protection unit (MPU)
Optional dual-bank Flash
Native 4-layer AHB bus matrix, 21 DMA channels
Embedded regulator, power-on reset, brown-out detection
and multiple clock sources, including 32kHz oscillator and
factory-trimmed RC
High-speed peripherals, including USB2.0 FS device, HS SD/
Up to 16-channel 12-bit 1Msps ADC with PGA stage and
differential inputs, 2-channel 12-bit 1Msps DAC, analog
Powerful and flexible 16-bit timers with quadrature decoder and
gray counter. Powerful PWM unit, calendar RTC, watchdog timer
Power consumption 2.3mW@1MHz, 1.3mW@500kHz,
backup mode down to 1.8µA
ECC on flash, independent watchdog, dual-bank flash, clock
failure detection. On-the-fly external memory scrambling.
8-bit parallel data capture on PIO controller
Up to 79 I/O lines with integrated serial resistors
(on-die termination)
48-, 64- and 100-pin packages

MC 32bit 1,62V 512kB Flash 64MHz LQFP64
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